Premier Training For The Dynamic Therapist
Combining Classical Methods with Modern Approaches

We believe thorough, effective therapy examines the power of the mind and looks at the person as a creation of the past.
Knowledge and empowerment are the cornerstone to the experiential based training that we provide.

Our intensive courses provide already qualified hypnotherapists/hypnotists with valuable techniques and methods that will make working with clients more streamlined and take their therapeutic skills to the next level!

We don’t fill our courses with theory and powerpoints – we’re about the content content content! You will learn theory from comprehensive manuals so on the courses we can concentrate on skills development.


Being the Detective

Understanding your client is the key to successful analysis, we teach you to join the dots.


Content Free

Client doesn’t want to talk about it? No problem, work content free! Multiple methods for success!


Specialist Workshops

Workshops to teach effective and practical techniques in specialist areas.

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So what is Hypnosis Deconstructed?

A good question.

It’s a modern trend to sell systems of working that takes away the art of dynamic thinking. Many therapists now are becoming robotic and deskilled in the art of therapeutic diagnostics and analytical thinking. Hypnosis Deconstructed trains you to look for the cause of the malbehaviour and put the pieces of the puzzle together to help the client understand their problem. Once the problem is understood the chances are the behaviour won’t be repeated.

Our classes are practical based with a comprehensive manual with highly experienced supervision to ensure you meet your professional needs and goals.

Our courses will teach you a wide range of clinical techniques from eye movement therapies, NLP, hypnosis, parts therapy, submodalities and many more. Using the diagnostic techniques and listening skills we teach you will be able to put together your own protocol of working for each client, for each session. Specialist courses for working in specialist areas such as weight loss, addictions and anxiety will also teach tried and tested methods of working with presentations of the mindset of the client in the relevant issue.


Want to know more about therapeutic detective work?

In this video Paul talks about how we will teach you the skills needed to help your clients understand themselves​ in relation to their issue.

Want to hear Bev talk about working content free? Here you go.

Bev talks about working directly with the subconscious in order to release the problem. We don’t need to know what the problem is, we just need to direct the subconscious to that fact that it is now a problem and it’s time for a change! It’s a bit like content free analysis!


Training and Workshops

An intense and technique packed workshop! Learn how to listen to your clients and create your...
This one day workshop will teach you specific techniques to conquer the addictive urge and also...
One of the most common problems presented to us by our clients is anxiety. We will teach what...
This workshop will give you the skills and techniques to effectively work with those...
​The First Session is designed for those new to the profession or who are lacking in confidence in...

Are you ready to change your life and that of your clients?

Hypnosis Deconstructed offers training and courses which can be integrated into your current work/practice. Professionals in medicine, psychology, human services, education, business and healthcare choose Hypnosis Deconstructed for expanding their knowledge and skills.

Boost your Skills

Increase Effectiveness

Gain more Clients

Increased Confidence

Work Intuitively



Hypnosis is perhaps best described as a naturally occurring state of mind – with the emphasis on the word ‘naturally’. People go willingly into hypnosis and as such become more suggestible to the prospect of change. As a hypnotherapist you will guide your patient into this state as part of the process of empowering them to work with their problems. Hypnotherapy is what it says on the box: therapy carried out when a person is in a state of hypnosis.

Latest Blog Posts

The Meta Pattern explained

The Meta Pattern: A little video that turned out longer than expected! A simple pattern that underlies most changework but when done properly is fast, effective and efficient! Check out the video explaining the following 4 step Meta Pattern: Associate to the problem/present state Dissassociate from the problem/present state Associate to the resource state Associate resource states to problem/present state  

Question: How do you fit it all in??

One of the popular questions we get asked is how do we fit all the content in 3 days on our flagship course The Dynamic Therapist? Well, here’s your answer!

Content Free or Analytical?

I see so much debate that all you need is the content free technique vs you need to understand the problem. I think the two are both fantastic and one shouldn’t exist…


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One of the most powerful techniques in hypnotherapy - Regression to Cause.

If you can get your client to successfully regress to get to the core emotion that created the negative behaviour then you have the greatest chance of effecting powerful, rapid and long lasting change.

The most difficult thing about regression is getting your client to the working state of somnambulism where they can associate into the memory without conscious interference. Once there, any number of ways can access the memories via hypermnesia and get to the root cause.

Care has to be taken when using this powerful technique to ensure the safety and comfort of the client. For example, if someone presents with PTSD then a violent abreaction is possible, so choose your therapeutic intervention wisely.

There’s also many myths about regression usually facilitated by those that can’t do it or don’t understand it. One you’ll hear is “you’ll re-traumatise the client” which is a ridiculous as saying “you’re re-lighting a burning fire”. This shows a lack of knowledge on how memory is consolidated and stored.

Of course, you can also regress to a beautiful time and bring that feeling forward to now to really give your client a gift!

It’s such a powerful technique that should be in the armoury of every competent therapist.

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One of the most versatile and powerful techniques in hypnosis is Parts Therapy. We’ve studied many different types from Ego State Therapy to Hunter’s Parts and Parts Negotiation to bring you, what we think, is a simple, clear and concise way of using this powerful methodology. There’s no need to bring out multiple parts and complicate an already complicated scenario, we’ll teach you to just deal with the part creating the undesired behaviour and get it to change, simple!

Parts Therapy is an inner metaphorical representation of internal conflicts and we negotiate that conflict in a clear simple way to release the problem. This can be done verbally or with IMR, we teach both ways.

There’s really no need for protracted sessions when, quite often, just a little negotiation and update is all that is required!

We teach this powerful, yet simple, approach in our October course, The Dynamic Therapy Diploma of which more details are here:

Please get in touch should you have any queries, we love to hear from you and see you there!

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Our fantastic 3 day Dynamic Therapy Diploma hypnosis skills workshop is back in Bedford 25th to 27th October 2019! It’s our only one this year so check out some of what you’ll be learning:

1️⃣ A human need approach of developmental structure

2️⃣ Analytical methodologies

3️⃣ How to use Parts Therapy concisely
4️⃣ Regression methods

5️⃣ Gestalt dialogue
6️⃣ EMDR principles

7️⃣ Inner Child Work ..... and so much more!

Check out our webpage for more details and to read testimonials from our last course:

The course is fantastic value at only £595.
After this course you won’t need to be asking advice on forums to simple problems, you’ll just follow the direction of the client to a guided solution!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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